Here’s How to Mail Your Wedding Invitations

You thought long and hard on how to design your wedding invitations in a way that’s both attractive and compatible with your entire wedding. But have you considered the actual mailing process? If not, and if you are not very certain as to what to do next, read on because we have gathered some of the most important wedding invitations mailing tips to know.

  • Looking to save some money on the entire mailing process? Avoid designing square or odd-shaped invitations. Most post offices will charge you more for anything that steps outside of the regular rectangular-shaped envelopes – so you can definitely skip this if you want to be budget-savvy.
  • In love with those pretty tissue papers that delimitate between the different elements of the wedding invitation suite? Well, we have some great news for you: they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but very useful as well (they help avoid smudging, which is definitely not something you want your invitations to go through).
  • Take your cards inside the post office to send them. Dropping them in a mail box may seem the easier option, but truth be told, they are more likely to get damaged along the way if you do this. Spend the extra-time for the sake of your wedding invitations and it will be worth it!
  • Last, but surely not least, remember not to lick the envelopes. While a lot of people may do this on a regular basis, your invitations are very important (and very fragile at the same time). Use a powerful adhesive instead – they will be safer this way!

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