These Tips Will Save You Tons of Money on Wedding Flowers

Everybody knows flowers are quintessential in the wedding industry – and really, can you even imagine a wedding with no flowers whatsoever?

No matter how popular and important they may be though, flowers shouldn’t exceed your wedding budget. The great news here is that you can really pull off amazing florals without breaking the bank – and we have gathered some of the crucial tips to follow when this is what you are looking for. Read on and find out more.

  • Greenery wins the race. Adding lots of greens to your bouquets (or, why not, keeping them all green) is one of the best things you can do, and from a number of points of view. Greenery looks stunning, it’s really, really trendy, and it can really save you a ton of money. What’s not to love about this idea?
  • Simplicity wins the race too. Remember what we always say, that less is more? In this case, a simpler, less intricate bouquet and set of arrangements can save you important sums of money. Plus, sticking to one or two types of blooms will look very elegant and stylish too, so you really have nothing to lose.
  • Minimalism wins the race for the wedding party as well. What if your bridesmaids held just one stem of flower complementary to your bouquet? And what if the groomsmen’s boutonnieres were created according to the same principle? Sounds great, right? Well, it can save you a lot of money too!


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